Cross-server Kings War Season 1


Cross-server Kings War

1. Condition

Lord reach Lv 60 to register in Cross-server Kings War and Lv 30 to watch battle.

Every month from 1st day to 15th day is open time, the rest is break time.

5:00 1st day to 5:00 3rd day is registration time.

22:00 - 22:40 3rd day to 9th day is Elimination.

22:00 - 22:30 10th day to 15th day is Promotion.

Next season will take place in day 1 - day 15 every month

2. Rules

Step 1: Click  “Cross-server Kings War” in Main Screen 

Or in the main castle, lords click “Challenge” to join.

Step 2: Registration

Time: 5:00 15th day to 5:00 17th day is registration time (after 5:00 registration closed)
Step 3: Elimination

Time: 17rd day to 23th day each month, 22:00 - 22:40 is Elimination.

- Upon registered, default Elimination point is 1000 and will change after battles.

- During Elimination, 5 players will be matched based on power. Win ⅔ battle to claim the victory. Battle 1 is defense, battle 2 is attack, battle 3 is random.

- Point will rise upon victory, or reduce when defeated.

- In Elimination, first 10 battles are ranking battles, all are [Novice]. After that, ranks are divided into [Bronze], [Silver], [Gold], [Platinum], [Diamond], [God of War].

- Upon Elimination ended, TOP 64 will advance into Promotion.

Step 4: Promotion

- 22:00 - 22:30 24th day to 29th day is Promotion.

When Elimination ended,
TOP 64 points will advance into Promotion,

TOP 64 will be matched randomly at 23:00 on 24th day.

  • Day 10: TOP 32
  • Day 11: TOP 16
  • Day 12: TOP 8
  • Day 13: Semi-final
  • Day 14: Final

- When Promotion started, each pair battles 5 times, win 3 to claim victory. Fít 4 battles: 2 attack, 2 defense. The last battle is random.

- The winner of the Final will become the Overlord of that Cross-server Kingss War Season.

- Within Promotion, the winning side gains points, the losing side’s points won’t be deducted.

3. Rewards

  • Elimination: Rewards are settled based on point ranking and sent at 23:00 of ending day via mail (24th day every month).
  • Promotion: Upon defeated, rewards will be sent to mail based on corresponding rank.
  • Flower rewards: If the receiver wins, then the sender will get reward via mail.
  • TOP 64: When Promotion ended, 16th day - end of month, top players will have title on chat channels: Champion, Semi-Champ, TOP 4, TOP 8, TOP 16, TOP 32, TOP 64