To upgrade tech and get attribute buffs, Lords click 

Tech includes:

  • War
  • Affairs
  • Formation

1. War

  • Expand order: increases Force
  • Armor Forge: increases W.DEF
  • Research: increases W.ATK
  • Military exercise: increases T.DEF
  • Drill: increases T.ATK
  • Improvise: increases S.DEF
  • Strategy exercise: increases S.ATK
  • Marshal Flag: increases  Force
  • Reform ranks: Troops take less dmg after level-up
  • Commando training: increases DMG
  • Troop order: increases Force
  • Patience: increases W.DEF
  • Hand-to-hand: increases W.ATK
  • Frontline Technique: increases T.DEF
  • Breakthrough: increases T.ATK
  • Great nation - Great army: increases Force
  • Thought: increases S.DEF
  • Stratagem: increases S.ATK

2. Affairs

  • Tech: reduces building time
  • Steel treasury: increases iron storage
  • Train: increases  iron yield
  • Lumber camp: increases wood storage
  • Chop: increases wood yield
  • War call: increases Merit from Conquest
  • Storage: increases Food storage
  • Garrison: increases Food yield
  • Treasury: increases Silver storage
  • Tax: increases Silver yield
  • Architecture Master: reduces building time.

3. Formation

  • Qilin: increases rebound
  • Snake: increases W.DMG
  • Dragon: increases T.DMG
  • Qihuang: increases S.DMG
  • Mystery: increases Immunity
  • Bagua: increases Dodge
  • Tiger: increases Crit
  • Waterback: increases Counter
  • Ancient formation: unlock to boost all attributes
  • Upgrade the technique is needed to consume the merit. Choose the technique to upgrade and select “Level-up”.

Also, you can reset the “War” to 0 and get all the used resources (consumes 100 Gold).

Kingdoms Legacy: WarFlow Mobile.