[Guide] How to apply [Link Code] and get giftcode?


 [Guide] How to apply [Link Code] and get giftcode?

Joining in Kingdoms Legacy: WarFlow Mobile, lords can claim numerous rewards from events. To get the giftcode directly, lord can access to:

Step 1: Choose Kingdoms Legacy: WarFlow Mobile.

Step 2: Log-in with Facebook account at

Step 3: Tap "Join now" to get giftcode through Fan-page's event (Note: Log-in with Facebook's account) 

Step 4: Apply your [Link code]. Lords just have to apply [Link Code] at the first time joining. After then, you can claim your giftcode directly.


Step 5: Claim gift-code after following all the steps of fanpage/group event:


- The giftcode is sent out during or after event due to the condition of event.
- Each user has one [Link Code]. (Note: Log-in with Facebook's account) 
- Follow all the steps (Like, Share, Comment) correctly to claim the giftcode. 

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